VICTORIA STREET APARTMENTS                                                                                                                      year: 2017 -                                                                                                                                                              stage: town planning

This proposal for a 6 level multi-residential development provides a robust contemporary presence that responds to the industrial heritage and gritty context of central Footscray. It is a carefully considered response to the site and its context within its particular neighbourhood - a neighbourhood that is in transition and undergoing intensive redevelopment. 

The site presents a significant opportunity for medium density development within a mixed use area that has been nominated for higher intensity usage.  It maximises the building footprint by carving out generous light wells, in anticipation of future development on adjacent sites. The buildng footprint has been designed to minimise the impact on the amenity of surrounding residential properties by aligning the light wells opposite of from existing private open space and habitable windows.
The materiality of the building expresses the design strategy of the light wells carved out of the solid mass. The boundary walls are constructed from a staggered layout of pre-cast concrete panels which form the site envelope and provide a robust party wall for future development on neighbouring sites. The facades of the light wells are lightweight metal cladding which change in tone around the building: from white cladding on the west-facing street facade through to black cladding on the east facade. In this way the building will shift and change as one moves around it and views it from different orientations.

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