RICHMOND HILL APARTMENTS                                                                                                                           year: 2014                                                                                                                                                             stage: town planning

This proposal for a multi-residential development provides a robust contemporary presence that anchors the intersection and contributes to the urbanity of the inner-city streetscape. The site presents a significant opportunity for medium density development within a fine-grain neighbourhood, characterised by a diverse mix of building types, styles and uses.  The design responds to the surrounding built-form through both its massing and materiality. In keeping with the neighbourhood pattern of grand Victorian buildings anchoring street corners, the building is shaped to emphasise its presence on the corner.  The materials palette of face brickwork, textured concrete and steel cladding draws on the surrounding industrial heritage and fine grain Victorian terrace houses.  The primary street facades are clad in a dark brickwork that re-inforces the formal presence of the development, whilst a secondary composition of glazed bricks provides a ghosted expression of the grid of habitable rooms behind the facade. The facade is punctured with a series of generous balconies, each provided with a steel brise-soleil screen that provides residents with a layering of privacy and solar-control. The building will contribute to the activation of the streetscape through the incorporation of a new cafe on the corner, as well as ground floor dwellings that address the street.